Prof Tony Brown

Prof Tony BrownMy research revolves around human-environment interactions at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Questions of interest to me vary from what aspects of human evolution both physical and socio-technological are driven by environmental change to what effect did these responses have on subsequent environmental change (the ‘feedback question’). Methodologically this research includes a wide variety of techniques from standard geological, geomorphological  and palaeoecological methods (sediment & soil analyses and microfossils) to broadly geochemical methods (trace elements & isotopes).

My current projects include geoarchaeological studies of deep time (Palaeolithic) sites in Southern England and East Africa in collaboration with Dr Laura Basell (Bournemouth University), studies of environmental change in the Classical period in Greece in collaboration with Dr Kevin Walsh (University of York) and research into both environmental and human response to climate change in the British Isles during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

I am interested in novel approaches in all these areas, from expanding the range of palaeoecological methods used in PLUS research (e.g. phytolith analysis), to new ideas concerning the environmental stress on human biology, and cognition.