Prof Mary Edwards

Mary E

I am fascinated by landscapes and biodiversity and the forces that shape them—natural and human. As a biogeographer my research encompasses two themes: one concerns arctic environmental change, particularly the effects of climate change; the other concerns landscape, biodiversity, and biological conservation in several ecosystems worldwide.  Key questions that currently occupy me include how current changes may feed back to the global climate system, and what consequences we may expect for biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem management in the future.  I see my role as providing the long temporal perspective essential to understanding current and future trajectories of dynamic systems, as some forces act on far longer timescales than are revealed by either direct observation or written records.

Much of my work is done in the high northern latitudes: I have lived and worked in Alaska and Norway, and I have done research in Siberia and the Russian Far East (Edwards et al 2001, 2005); I have also worked in the UK and in Madagascar on biodiversity and conservation related issues (Edwards & Grant 2011, Klein et al., 2007).  I am currently a Professor of Physical Geography (Southampton), and I hold a courtesy appointment at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks (UAF).